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Why hire an Event Planner

Let's face it, event planning can be stressful!

Trying to figure out how to organise your event properly, choosing and booking a venue, picking the decor, dealing with suppliers, liaising with your guests, sorting out the logistics, creating a timeline...and so on(!) can be very difficult and overwhelming when you are not used to it.

How do you know where to start? Have you forgotten something vital? How do you create and stick to a budget? What decor do you need? What kind of theme should you have, or do you even need one.....

Why are you giving yourself unnecessary worry and stress?

Hiring an Event Planner can help you with all of this, saving you the worry, time and energy in thinking about how to start and what to do! You can relax and just look forward to the event knowing everything is being looked after and planned for you.

They will assist you with lots of things such as (not limited to!):

  • Searching for and booking a venue

  • Choosing a theme

  • Picking decor to enhance your event

  • Food & beverage

  • Guest management

  • Perfecting the logistics

  • Management of suppliers

  • Budget management

  • Create a detailed event timeline

  • Be there on the day to execute it perfectly

Event Planners would have planned and executed many different types, styles and scales of events meaning they will have a varied portfolio, lots of experience and have expert knowledge and advice in helping your event vision come alive.

Benefits of hiring and Event Planner

There are many reasons why hiring and event planner is a great idea but I have just listed a few of my top ones.

Your time is precious

It isn't unusual that when you start planning your event that you suddenly realise just how much there is to do and organise. It is time consuming, it takes up a lot of time organising all the details required to pull together an event. This may be time you cannot offer and unable to dedicate to your event, but don't worry. By handing over the plans to a professional means they can focus on the details and organisation, saving you the worry. You can provide a detailed brief of your vision and ideas including a budget and the event planner will sort everything out for you!

Makes your vision a reality

You have an idea of what type of event you want, who to invite and what you want it to look like but unsure what elements you need to make it a reality. Event planners are unique, as they are able to adapt and be flexible with their approach to each event ensuring what you vision is brought to life perfectly.

Stress? What Stress?

An event planner eliminates all stress!

Relieving clients of unnecessary worries and stress is one of the most important benefits of hiring an event planner. They handle all the what ifs, unknowns and stresses that come with organisng events. The beauty of this? By handing over the organisation it will enable you to enjoy the event without worrying about the what ifs, maybes, what could go wrong or any issues what may occur on the day! They will problem solve, sort out the issue without you needing to know or worry.

Keeps an eye on the pennies and pounds

Event Planning can incur a lot of costs quickly and concern of affordability can start to creep in. Whilst you may have an overall budget in mind, you may not know how much to allocate to each area you need to plan. An event planner will help create a budget and allocate money using their expertise, they will stick to the budget, negotiate costs and save you money where possible.

It will run like a dream

One thing is guaranteed when hiring a planner, and that is that your event will run smoothly. Event planners are masters at time management and sticking to a schedule. They will ensure your event is planned meticulously so that no detail is forgotten and the event itself will run perfectly to time with no problems. They will remain calm under pressure and handle everything on your behalf.

Here at Lucy Sanger Events, I want to ensure you have the best event imaginable. Whether you are looking to plan a private, corporate or online event, I will be there to handle all the planning led by your ideas and requirements so you can sit back, relax and looking forward to it!

If you would like to speak to me about planning an event for you, simply get in touch with me via the contact page and I will be more than happy to help you.


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