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How to create a more sustainable event or wedding

Have you thought about how you can be more sustainable and eco friendly? This blog is chatting all about how we can be when looking at planning an event or your wedding day...

By no means is this blog a negative one towards any event or wedding past or future, as you absolutely deserve the day you dream of!

However, it is just highlighting how we can be more eco friendly and sustainable, even if we just do a couple of small things! It is such an important subject which is becoming more and more prominent in both events and weddings.

Events and weddings don’t tend to be the most eco-friendly. There can be a lot of food waste, decor just thrown away and lots of plastic, and one people tend forget about, the carbon footprint of all your guests travelling.

As a society we are all becoming a lot more tuned in and aware to the issues surrounding sustainability and the damage our planet is facing and importantly, the role that we play in impacting this and how we can make changes to our habits.

This is becoming increasingly more important to people generally in their day to day lives but as well, event planners and couples are now making a conscious effort to include more sustainable elements of their day to reduce wastage and be more eco friendly.

So, today I am sharing some small, simple yet impactful ways in which you can make changes to your day that will make a huge difference to benefit you, your budget and the environment!

What things can we do?

REDUCE stationary pre-wedding and on the day.

Have a think about digitally sending your save the dates and invitations or if you want printed invites for keepsake, look at ones that use less paper and can be recycled. On the day, think about which elements are the most important to you to have printed and what parts could be created by yourself and then reused later? E.g 'Order of the Day'...these can look beautiful when created on a mirror (which you can put in your home after!) or even a rustic wooden pallet which you can reuse in your garden as a planter!

More LOCAL weddings cutting down travel and carbon footprint

Abroad weddings are amazing and there may be a special place in the country that isn't local which is sentimental and you should absolutely go for this if this is you. Keeping it local is just something to consider if this is an option for you as it really helps a lot.


There are lots of caterers that will use local produce from considered sustainable sources. Shipping in catering from afar will use lots of plastic packaging too! Think about having your starter as vegetarian and also ensure they don't use single use plastic to serve their food whether it is a sit down meal, buffet or BBQ.

GIFT flowers to friends and family to enjoy after the wedding instead of throwing away

It breaks my heart knowing beautiful flowers that have been carefully chosen curated are thrown away after an event or wedding. It is important to gift these arrangements to your guests, bridal party, family or neighbours to enjoy afterwards. Talk to your florist about what eco friendly options they use for their flowers and what they use to create and transport their arrangements.

Ensure confetti is BIODEGRADABLE

This can be easily sourced or event created by yourself! Lots of suppliers can provide this option but drying your own petals would be a beautiful touch on the day.

Wedding FAVOURS wastage.

No-one likes to see money wasted and loads of favours left behind that are thrown away. You can find alternative choices that won’t go to waste or how about.....even put that money behind the bar!

Think about SINGLE USE plastic items

Check with your venue that these aren’t being used during the day for your reception drinks or at the bar for evening beverages. Try find alternative plastic free items for your decor too.

Has this been good food for thought about some changes you could make or things you could add when planning?

I hope this little snapshot on sustainability and being g eco friendly gives you some ideas on what you can do.

If you would like some help or ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are recently engaged, in the midst of planning your wedding and need some extra guidance or putting on a corporate or private event…I would love to hear from you!

Send me a message by filling out an enquiry form on my website here.

Lucy xx


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