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Lucy Sanger Events


Hi I'm Lucy,

I am a Wedding and Events Planner based in Croydon, London.


I am friendly, authentic and flexible planner who is genuinely passionate about making your event dreams come true!

The beauty of my approach is that I am open to any type of event, no event is off the table and I can be involved in the planning as little or as much as you would like. I am very flexible with my time and always here for you to support with your planning needs. I work very closely with my clients to really understand who you are, your style and what your vision is.

I have been in the event industry for over 9 years and have a large varied portfolio ranging from small intimate events to large scale corporate award ceremonies and exhibitions as well as weddings. I don't have a preferred type of event to plan as every event is special and unique in its own way.

I absolutely love what I do. I am a proud perfectionist, a fantastic conversationalist and communicator and an OTT organiser, so let me help create an event for you that you are going to love and remember forever.


Who Am I?

I am Lucy and I am a well experienced Event Planner based in croydon, London and I plan a wide variety of events currently in London, the surrounding areas and virtually online!

I have worked in the corporate world, private events, weddings and I help clients bring virtual events together as well.

What is my planning style?

I don't have one! 

I like to fit the planning style around the person, type of event or couple planning their big day!

Events are so varied so I like to ensure I fit my style and approach  around you, your style event needs.

what makes me different?

I am diverse in the type of events I can plan.

I am very flexible with 

planning each individual event I work on and execute.

I do not follow the 'one size fits all' approach. Each event is unique and I portray this into the planning style.

I love all events! weddings, parties, birthdays, award ceremonies, conferences, online events, meetings, dinners, business events.


You name it, I can do it!

What is the cost?

I offer a free consultation where we get to know each other, discuss your event ideas and details, the time required and level of planning needed.

I will create you a non obligatory quote based on your specific planning needs

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